De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig

Or in English: “The Youth of Today”

From the first minute the song Watskeburt played on the radio, it was more than clear that DJVT (De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig) would become a sensation. The single literally took over the Dutch charts within two weeks and while at it, it enriched the dictionary with a new word: Watskeburt. Rumours about the men behind this smash took off immediately.

The three rappers got to know each other during the first stages of the Dutch reality show: Idols after which Bas Bron a.k.a De Neger Des Heils Major Vlosshard, opened his arms and welcomed them in his place, the label Magnetron.

Rumour had it that the lyrics of Watskeburt were created in the tube… what ever the truth might have been, the release of their first album Parels Voor de Zwijnen (Pearls for the Swine) saw them rise up and leave a trace in the history of Dutch music. The album won an Edison Award, a Mobo Award, 3FM Awards among many other prizes.

Meanwhile and after a few years, DJVT has conquered audiences in both The Netherlands and Belgium, has played at all festivals in both nations with their third album: De Lachende Derde (The Laughing Third) with the singles Sterrenstof (Stardust) and Get Spanish, the most successful hits from the album to date.

The fourth album, Ja, natúúrlijk! (Yes, of course!) came out back in September of 2013 with the singles: De Formule (The Formula) and Een Barkie.

In October 2015, DJVT released their fifth album called Manon, which is an ode to women. The title track of the album reached the golden status. Currently, DJVT is working on their sixth studio album. Any details on release dates and/or singles are yet to be announced.

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