In 2003 Faberyayo (real name: Pepijn Lanen) rapped together with Bas Bron, his brother Sander Lanen and some others in the group the “Spaarndammerbuurt Kliek” (Spaarndammerbuurt is a neighbourhood in Amsterdam, kliek means clique.) In 2004 he met Freddy Tratlehner (Vieze Fur) and Oliver Locadia (Willie Wartaal). They started the group ‘De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig’ and made their first song: “Watskeburt?!” The song was released by Magnetron Music and became an instant hit.

Together with the Dutch artist Piet Parra & producer Rimer London, Faberyayo has a project under the name Le Le. Under this alias, many singles and albums have been released, such as: “Skinny Jeans”, “Breakfast”, “Flage”, and many others.

In 2012 he started his solo career on top of the rest. The tone of this was more charming, sentimental and affectionate. His first official solo album: Coco, (the name of his girlfriend) was dedicated to her and was produced entirely by Benny Sings. Faberyayo has continued to release music that reaches his softer side, with tear-jerking singles like “Verdwijnen” and “Legokastelen”, whilst maintaining his sharpness with cult classics like “Vinkgor”.