Le Le

Champagne based trio Le Le is a unique force within the modern-day music industry. Their way of creating their own brand of genius is rivalled only by their ability to adapt and bend the rules of music as a whole. “Our collective genius just doesn’t let us restrict ourselves,” says one-third of the outfit, Piet Parra, who is also a graphic designer. Comprised of two more individuals making a grand total of three, (“Which is coincidentally the magic number.” adds quirky producer at large and all-round musician and magician Rimer London), this two-producer and one-vocalist group doesn’t let language confine them to a single genre. Vocalist Serge Faberyayo: “We make our own brand of magic genius, called Esperantology. It’s a science within a musical galaxy. We write songs in English, Dutch, German and French, and that’s just so far!”

Le Le released their debut “Flage”, an album that doesn’t let language confine it to a single genre, in March 2008. Since, Le Le have continued their weird and wonderful quirkiness with their most notable tracks being “Luxe Benen”, “Breakfast” and “NEEN”.