Vic Crezée

His name is Vic Crezée and his adventures are legendary. Coming up as a youngster in Amsterdam Vic acquired the essentials of Hip-Hop mixing and scratching under the influence and tutelage of the city’s big boys. Wasting no time, he passionately studied the vinyl classics and established himself at a rapid pace through radio airwaves and gigs such as Appelsap and Knockout.

This talented breath of fresh air kept breezing throughout Amsterdam during his teen years, carving out his own position and laying the groundwork for a lengthy career. Fast forward to the present, Vic Crezée dropped the Lil’ and has become a leading authority in the Dutch music scene. As an accomplished DJ, he holds down no less than 4 residencies: ‘’Vic Crezée is White Boy Wasted’’ (iAmsterdam, Gent and Bern), “Woo Riddim” (All night long back 2 back with Cinnaman), “Live at the BBQ” at everybody’s favourite Bitterzoet, and last but not least “Bassline”, Amsterdam’s longest running Hip-Hop event at the legendary Paradiso.

It is unquestionably safe to say that Vic plays an integral part in the current Amsterdam nightlife not only with his acclaimed residencies but also by influencing and impacting with his eclectic music selections. Whatever new (or old) discoveries he chooses to play, they will more than likely become staples in many DJ’s crates across the land for months to come.

Not the one to stick to one trick, Vic has expanded his musical range in recent years, be it solo, as one half of the Teenage Lady Killers, or alongside like minds such as the Parra Soundsystem, broadening his repertoire with various genres such as UK Bass and House, always played from a Hip-Hop point of view. His creative knack for blending sounds as well as boundaries with ease has also enabled him to establish himself as a formidable creator and go-to guy for the recorded mix. Among the myriad milestones are his mixtape series: “Het Grote Gedoe” & “Het Grote Gedoe 2: Angst & Walging” with Faberyayo (De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig), $LBMG (Faberyayo, Sef & Spacekees), The Vic Crezée Is White Boy Wasted mixtapes and The Robert Sylvester Kelly Story: a four-part sonic journey honouring the King of R&B. You might even catch him at Red Light Radio while hosting his show: Whatever Forever or catch him spitting a couple of hot bars if he feels like it.

The latter brought him to Magnetron Music as we compiled an EP out of the exclusive tracks he made together with upcoming Dutch producers and heavyweight rappers for his mixtape series ‘White Boy Wasted’.